How You Can Own the Best Pregnancy Pillow for Back Sleepers

The most common pregnancy pains are associated with labor and delivery, but as the baby grows inside and the body begins to change, finding a way to sleep comfortably becomes a chore for pregnant women. Getting enough rest is important for the health of both mom and infant, but the challenges with sleeping positions can sabotage a good night's rest. Investing in a pregnancy pillow for back sleepers is one way to get comfortable when trying to sleep, and Body Nest beats other pregnancy pillows in comfort and quality every time.

What Is a Pregnancy Pillow for Back Sleepers?

A growing baby affects the shape of the body, putting pressure in places that aren't used to the extra attention. The shape your body takes during pregnancy is somewhat unique, but pregnancy pillows are designed to address the more general needs of additional support. Several places are the most affected by an expanding baby bump, and traditional pillows aren't able to contour to these areas. This can leave you with restless nights, pelvic pain, cramps or back pain. Pregnancy pillows come in different shapes and sizes, and choosing the one that fits your preferred sleeping position will provide the most support.

How Do Pregnancy Pillows Work?

The goal of a pregnancy pillow is to provide extra support where a body changing through pregnancy needs it the most. While there are differences between a pregnancy pillow for back sleepers and one for side sleepers, the overall benefits are similar. These pillows can help by:

The nature of pregnancy increases the risk of strain on the joints, spine and ligaments. Assisting your body to be better aligned during sleep can help reduce exacerbating these conditions, and the best pregnancy pillow can do that.

Sleeping Concerns for Expectant Mothers

Getting enough quality sleep while pregnant is crucial. An expectant mother who continually experiences restlessness or sleeplessness faces fatigue, weakness and health conditions, like high blood pressure. Chronic sleep deprivation has a serious negative impact on the body’s immune system. Trouble sleeping can increase the risk of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and cognitive impairment. Hormones can have an impact on sleeping well but being comfortable enough to rest and sleeping in a position that supports the entire body are also important. Body pillows can provide the support needed to minimize many of the sleeping concerns.

Are Pregnancy Pillows Worth It?

The average pregnancy term is nine months, giving you plenty of time along the way to put a pregnancy pillow to good use. Depending on which pregnancy body pillow you choose, you can bring it while traveling in a car for more comfort or you can use it while watching television on the couch. By taking care of yourself through the use of a special pillow, you are investing in the healthy development and birth of your little one. When the body is more relaxed and pain-free, it increases your strength, energy and flexibility to bring a little one into the world. The best pregnancy pillow will help your health and that of your unborn child.

When Should I Get a Pregnancy Pillow?

You shouldn't wait until you are several months into your pregnancy to invest in a good pregnancy pillow. Though the first few weeks may not seem like much is happening around the middle, things start to change all over the body as it prepares itself for the next nine months. For pregnant women who've been down the expectant path before, a pillow may be on the list of must-haves. First-time mothers might not realize how important and helpful it will be for getting the best rest possible during their months of pregnancy.

For those who already deal with sciatic nerve pain, ligament discomfort or consistent back pain, a pregnancy pillow for back sleepers can be a lifesaver right from the start. It is worth your sanity and your physical health to adjust to a comfortable new sleeping position from the start of your pregnancy.

What Is the Best Pregnancy Pillow for Back Sleepers?

There are several different styles of pregnancy pillows, and your goal in finding the best pregnancy pillow is to find one that is affordable, durable and comfortable. Your body's size may also affect which pillow will provide the most support. When beginning your search through the options of best pregnancy pillows, you may come across the following:

How To Pick the Right Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillows can start as a wedge similar in size to a standard head pillow and graduate up to a U shaped body pillow like the one offered by Body Nest to hug the front and back of the body. Choosing a larger pillow may be harder if you don't have a large bed. Choosing the shape of your pillow takes similar considerations, but the variety in shapes addresses the need for supporting the head, getting tucked between the knees or cradling around the baby bump.

The material your pregnancy pillow is made of can impact your level of comfort as well, as the material can affect your body heat. Cotton covers tend to be cooler, and polyester is less breathable. Since you will be using your pregnancy pillow frequently, it's best to find a pillow that has a removable, washable cover. Body pillows can be inserted into a large pillowcase, making it easy to wash as needed.

How To Sleep With a Pregnancy Pillow

The shape of your pregnancy pillow determines how to most comfortably sleep with it, and it could take several nights before you adjust to a new sleeping position. These are the more common options and tips for how to use a pregnancy pillow to maximize body comfort through the night.

How To Sleep With a C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

These pillows have large, curved pads that support the head and the pelvis. This pillow has a wrap-around design that props up the neck, head, back and pelvic region. A C shaped pillow is one of the most recommended options for pregnant women who want support in all the common problem areas. Simply wrap the pillow around the back, leaving one end as pillow support for the neck and head. Wind the pillow around through the legs to provide support to the pelvis. It can also be wrapped around the front to support the belly.

How To Use a V Shaped Pillow in Pregnancy

A V shaped pillow is often referred to as a wedge pillow, as it is a smaller pillow resembling a triangle shape that gets wedged under areas that need some extra support. Their small size makes them incredibly versatile and portable, giving you comfort when and where you need it the most.

As a belly prop, the wedge comes in handy when placed underneath the belly for side sleeping. Too much of an incline can push the stomach too high toward the final months of pregnancy, causing discomfort and poor alignment. A wedge shaped pillow can also be placed under a normal sleeping pillow to elevate the upper body and head to reduce symptoms of acid reflux.

How To Use a Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow

The Leachco Snoogle is a curved body pillow designed for expectant mothers, though it also comes in handy even in you aren’t pregnant. This versatile body pillow supports the belly, hips, neck, back and head. Back sleepers will enjoy the cushioning from curling the pillow around the back and tucking the ends between the knees and under the head. You can even use the body pillow while seated. Simply swirl it around behind the back and cross it over the lap for arm support, breastfeeding or cradling the baby.

How To Use Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow

One of the more trusted names in pregnancy body pillows, Queen Rose offers both c shaped and u shaped pillows. The exceptional quality of material and the ease of care make either choice perfect when looking for a basic body pillow. Depending on how you choose to wrap or align the pillow, you can support your growing baby bump, tired back, neck and head. This brand of the best pregnancy body pillows is great for both stomach sleepers and back sleepers.

What To Do With Pregnancy Pillow for Back Sleepers After Pregnancy

A pregnancy pillow isn't just for a mom-to-be's body. Side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers will find that a maternity pillow is simply an upgraded body pillow. The overall support provided by the best pregnancy pillow is something that your body could enjoy even after the baby arrives.

Pregnancy pillows can be used to help support a baby while feeding or while sleeping near mom. The boppy pillow is commonly is sometimes called a nursing pillow for the support it provides during breastfeeding, but it can also help a baby get tummy time, give mom's arms a rest and cradle the infant while sleeping. Even though it may be a maternity body pillow, there are a tremendous number of uses for these post-partum.

Where Can I Buy Pregnancy Pillows

Whether you've decided a pregnancy pillow for back sleepers is perfect for your habits or you've been unsatisfied with other pregnancy pillows, the search for the best pregnancy pillow ends with Body Nest. This u shaped pregnancy pillow is made from the highest quality materials, providing flexibility and maximum comfort to give you the best rest possible. Give yourself the gift of this luxurious body pillow today.